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Launch services for your satellite mission
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The outright gateway to space for your satellite mission

Earth from space

With ECM launch service, you can confidently face the challenging process of bringing your spacecraft mission to its final orbital destination

We provide a variety of launch services for small satellites as secondary payload onboard the Soyuz launch vehicle.
Beyond a suitable launch, you can count on our support at any given step in the range from satellite qualification requirements, logistics management, customs or legal obstacles, and pre-launch integration to in-orbit support.
Through our experience in space technologies and partnerships with renowned companies focusing on space tasks and services, we will help you to perform a successful mission.

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Arrangement of a launch onboard numerous Soyuz launches according to your mission requirements


Technical management and organizational support for your launch campaign


Arrangement of reliable logistics including transportation GSE and customs service


Final pre-launch integration with the launch vehicle and deployment adapter on the launch site

Deployment adapters

  • 12U CubeSat deployment adapter
  • 12U CubeSat deployment adapter
  • 12U CubeSat deployment adapter
  • 16U CubeSat deployment adapter
  • 16U CubeSat deployment adapter
  • 16U CubeSat deployment adapter
  • 16U CubeSat deployment adapter

Safe launch environment and reliable deployment procedure for your satellite

After your satellite of the CubeSat standard or other small satellite form factor is transported in a highly protective environment during launch, a controlled deployment is initiated. Our patented technologies maximize the precision and exclude common issues during deployment.

Deployers overview

Our partners

Berlin Space Technologies
Technische Universitat Berlin

Leading technology & support

for your mission success

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German Aerospace Center DLR


Joint-Stock Company Glavkosmos

ECM launch service is an authorized partner of the German Aerospace Center DLR and Joint-Stock Company Glavkosmos.