ECM launch service

Mission management

Through our experience in space technologies and partnership with renowned companies focusing on space tasks and services, we will help you to fulfil your goal, namely to get your spacecraft to its final destination in space

Bringing a satellite up to space is, among the development and engineering of the spacecraft itself, the most challenging task for a space project team.
Professional and experienced assistance with our launch services answers relevant questions and solves tasks, so your team can be relieved to focus on spacecraft development and your space mission itself.

Possible types of orbits for small satellites as secondary payloads

Type of launch Orbit
Small satellite launches
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LEO, circular


We will find a launch opportunity on one of the upcoming launches according to your mission requirements


Technical management and organizational support for your launch campaign


Arrangement of reliable logistics including satellite and GSE shipment and customs service


Final pre-launch integration with the launch vehicle and deployment adapter on the launch site

Leading technology & support

for your mission success