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ECM Team at Toulouse Space Show

ECM team successfully participated in Toulouse Space Show, Toulouse, France

26th - 28th June 2018

Zhanna Medvedeva, Marketing and Sales Director, at Overview on nanosatellites launch offer panel discussion
Jeanne Medvedeva, ECM Marketing Director, at the panel discussion

ECM Launch Services team took part in Toulouse Space Show, France.

Jeanne Medvedeva, ECM Marketing and Sales Director, participated in the “Overview on nanosatellites launch offer” panel discussion at the Toulouse Space Show 2018 along with the representatives of RocketLab, Arianespace, CNES and ISIS. The discussion was moderated by Stephan Barensky, the Founder of Aerospatium (France).

The prospects regarding the growth of launch opportunities for smallsats were discussed, as well as new market opportunities which would be provided by smallsat launchers. Jeanne informed the audience that ECM would launch more than 40 smallsats for customers from the USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Thailand and Czech Republic by the end of 2018 - beginning of 2019.

Jeanne told that ECM Launch Services cooperated not only with the traditional launch providers, but also with new companies, which are occupied with the production of small launchers in Europe and the USA.

It was emphasized that ECM’s customers would receive launch opportunities on the traditional launchers, as well as on the new launch systems. This will ensure a unique flexibility regarding the choice of launch opportunities on all major launch vehicles available for smallsat cluster accommodation.

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