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ECM 16U deployer

The 16 unit satellite deployment adapter is suited for payload complying the CubeSat form factor and interface requirements

The launch adapter provides simple and well defined interfaces with the small satellite internally and with the launch vehicle externally. During launch and transportation, the satellite is fully covered by the structure of the deployment adapter, which provides protection for both your payload and the launch vehicle or the primary payload. Your payload is deployed in a controlled manner upon a command by the launch vehicle. The successful deployment is confirmed with a telemetry signal.

The deployer was developed by ECM launch service in Germany with participation of Russian specialists ensuring full compatibility with the Soyuz/Fregat launch system. Proven and patented technology ensures a highly effective deployment of your satellite and minimizes issues like unwanted spinning or collisions between the payload and the launch adapter structure.

The deployment adapter can fit a single 16U CubeSat.


  • Flight proven non-explosive mechanisms
  • Secure hold of the CubeSat in all axes
  • Closed container environment for high safety
  • Precisely defined deployment spring force
  • Minimized spin rate
  • Allows additional attachments on the CubeSat
  • Space qualified
  • Fulfils requirements of various launch providers
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  • 16U CubeSat deployment adapter
  • 16U CubeSat deployment adapter
  • 16U CubeSat deployment adapter
  • 16U CubeSat deployment adapter
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